Bowen Primary Academy 

Pre-Kindergarten - Grade 3

The Bowen Primary Academy Philosophy

During the Kindergarten year, a child begins to build a strong base for a later academic career. 

Objectives for the kindergarten program are to create the beginning base for development in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, health and physical education. 

The kindergarten environment provides an exciting, satisfying learning environment appropriate for five year old children.  Learning takes place from the time school starts until dismissal.  A question which is sometimes asked is,  “Do we teach reading in Kindergarten?”  The answer is, “yes, yes, all day long!”

Children are acquiring the necessary readiness skills to become competent readers and learners. 

Our first through third grade classrooms also support the idea of a rich learning environment, one that is conducive to an interest in and a desire to read, develop an understanding of the base on which all future mathematics learning is build and diversify these skills into social studies, science, health & physical education. 

The Bowen Primary Academy was founded on the principle that students need a basic and fundamental foundation – back to basics  - for future educational growth.

BPA School Calendar


August 12 First day of school
September 2   Labor Day – school closed
October 11 No school
October  18 No school
November 11 Veteran’s Day – no school
November 28-29 Thanksgiving Days
December 23 – January 7, 2003 No school
January 6 No school
January 7  

School resumes

January 20 

ML King Birthday No school

February 17

President’s Day No school

February 21 No school
March 14   No school
March  24– 28  Spring Break No school
April 18  Good Friday No school
May 26 Memorial Day No school
May 28   Last day for students



Classroom schedules

8:00am    students on campus

8:30am                 class begins

11:30-12:00                   Lunch

2:30pm                     dismissal

Our facility 

Bowen Primary Academy is currently located in Building B and is part of a one acre campus. 

Designated classroom space for Kindergartners through Fifth Grade include learning centers.  Computers are used in each classroom as an enhancement to basic phonics and math facts. 

Inside the Puppy Patch Preschool Building A, is the Academy’s growing functional library.  Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students have regular scheduled library time each week. 

The Academy’s students recess will take place on a playground designed for school aged children.  Teachers will include specific game rules as a part of lesson plans.  Students will also have times for their own choice of outside play activities.

School Staff 

Teachers on staff at the Bowen Primary Academy are college degreed individuals who were chosen for their zest to traditionally educate young children. 

All staff at the Academy are required to complete background screening which provides security clearance. 

Parents are always Welcome ! 

Our safety doors and gates are to keep your child safe, not to keep parents out.

You are welcome to visit, to eat lunch and to spend time with your child.

We know you care about the happiness of your child.  We want you to see that Bowen Primary Academy cares too !

The Eagle’s Code 

I am respectful. I am responsible. I am safe. I am prepared. 

I am hear to learn.  I will do nothing to keep the teacher from teaching.  I will do nothing to keep anyone, including myself, from learning.  I will cooperate with all school people. 

By acting this way, I am capable connected & contributing.

Student Dress Code 

All students enrolled are required to comply with the school’s published dress code. 

Uniforms can be purchased locally.  Samples can be seen in the school’s library and specific uniform information is available in the school’s office.


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