Dear Parents, 

We have spent many hours preparing our thoughts concerning the philosophies of caring for your children. We encourage you to read and discuss this together with your spouses so that everyone can understand our basic concepts of child development. 

We feel it is important for you to know what we do, as time is often short during the day.  We apologize if it seems lengthy, but feel its content is well worth the time spent, both yours and ours. 

As we take the place of parents or guardians while you are at work, we hope that any comments we make to you will be received as graciously and honestly as they are given. We accept your child for what he or she is and encourage him to develop his or her potential at his own rate. 

This is our business . . . Puppy Patch Preschool, since 1981!   We welcome your comments and or suggestions.


                                                                        Terry & Jane Bowen

Puppy Patch Preschool, Inc.

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